Voila 3.4 (Mac) - can not save or export recorded video

I paid for and registered my copy of Voila in March 2013.

I have a screen capture video of a software bug in a web application under development that I want to show software developers that work with me. Except I can not save or export the video (options are greyed out). My only option is to Trim the video using Quicktime, which I don't want to do. I used that command anyway, thinking maybe Quicktime would let me save or export it, but no dice. What am I doing wrong?

Please help ASAP.


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    Hi David,

    Regarding your query, to export a video from Voila, make use of the Share feature in Voila via menu bar option and Export video using QuickTime.
    Also you can drag & drop the video into desktop. You can also select the video and do a right click on the video, which will give you an option to 'Export video using QuickTime'.
    If you still come across any issues, please contact our Support Team.
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