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Although I've sent certain things through email, I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread for everyone to contribute to.

Here's my current wishlist for the coming (and future) release of Voila:
1. Organizing using folders and smart folders (with some default smart folders configured). Tagging is also a good idea, but better to start simple.

2. Share specific pictures/folders with others - preferably implemented in this order - ftp/sftp, mobileme (I don't use it, but many Mac users may find it convenient), upload to a set of popular sites (like flickr, photobucket, imageshack, tinypic, etc.) and provide the links from within the program.

3. Unlimited levels of undo (avoid flattening the effects when "Done" is clicked).


  • Thank you for sharing your wishlist.

    The features you have listed would definitely be a good addition to Voila. Please keep sending us features that you would like to see in the coming versions.
  • I would like to take screenshots and place them into Word templates. Features that would be helpful:

    1. Copy/Paste support -- I can't get any of those menu items enabled.

    2. Ability to constrain aspect ratios. That is, I want my rectangular screen capture to be constrained so that height:width is, say, 1:2. Or 1:1 or 2:1 or 3:1 or ...
  • Hi Xan,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    1. Copy/Paste support in the Voila application is currently limited to annotations within the same file. However, you can drag and drop the annotated image to your desktop or into Finder and then use it in Word.

    2. We have this feature in mind. We would be working on providing this feature in one of the future releases of Voila.

    Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions in the Voila Forum.


    Voila Admin.
  • I just discovered Viola due to it being featured on mupromo. I assume like many people looking at this product, I am a former Windows and Snag-It user who has been looking for a good Mac replacement. This is the closest I have seen. There are, however, four key features we use all the time that are missing (or at least I haven't found them).

    1. Output to clipboard: Being able to output directly to the clipboard so I can paste directly and specifically to where I need the annotated screen capture is critical
    2. Resize: Ability to scale captures down so the bitmaps are smaller when full resolution is not needed. Otherwise our documentation grows far too big.
    3. More Stamps: The stamps I use most are numbers in circles to indicate the order we want people to fill in a screen we are referencing or to correlate to text that is not annotation directly on the capture (I could obviously create these with the drawing tools, but a stamp is much easier). I didn’t see provisions for adding additional stamp sets or what format they would need to be in.
    4. Capture scrolling Window: Often we need to capture a webpage that will not fit on one screen. Doing multiple screen shots and piecing them together just doesn’t cut it.

    With these features, I would likely stop waiting for the long promised “Snag-It for Mac” and buy Viola for everyone in my company.
  • I am a big fan of Snagit on the Windows platform. You should take a look at it as it has many good features. They are hesitant to develop a Mac version and you may be able to learn a few things from their software.
  • Hi landrew4,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Output to clipboard: This is a very good suggestion. We will work on how we could provide the feature.

    Resizing the of image: You can resize the image by select the resize image option from the edit menu. Once you select this option, the image will be displayed with the resize knobs displayed. You could click and drag the resize knobs to resize the image.

    More Stamps: We would be providing additional stamps in the upcoming update for Voila. We do have the feature of providing custom stamps in mind but we would need to do some research on how we can accomplish this.

    Capturing scrolling window: We have this feature in our feature list, we would be providing this in one of the future releases of Voila.

    You suggestions are very helpful. Please keep posting comments and suggestions to improve Voila.

    Voila Admin
  • Hi Gasport,

    Thank you for your suggestion. We are in the process of collecting feedback from Voila users. We have received a lot of new feature requests and requests to enhance some of the existing feature. We are would be providing some new features in the upcoming update for Voila.

    Voila Admin.
  • I'm enjoying the software. One thing that I'm hoping for in the future is the ability to upload direct to a Flickr account.
  • Another thing to add - which would be very, very useful would be a blur tool for small areas of a screen capture, to blur out phone numbers and personal information.
  • Hi Matt,

    We are glad that you like the features in Voila.

    We have many new features planned for the upcoming update. I am sure you will like Voila even more after this update.

    You can check the latest news and updates related to Voila in our Twitter page:



    Voila Admin.
  • +1 for the copy/paste feature. This is really critical and my normal workflow to work with screenshots. Drag and Drop does not work for me.

    Furthermore the resizing should be possible to a specific width/height. I often post screenshots to a blog page where I need a specific width..

    But besides that I like Voila.. well done!
  • Thank you very much for your feedback.

    We would be providing the support for dragging and dropping of files into other applications from Voila in the upcoming update.

    Regarding the feature for resizing images to specific dimension, we will look into it and see how we could provide do this.

    Please keep posting your comments and suggestions on improving the features in Voila.

    Voila Admin
  • I'm using Voila1.1 (58)
    I chose to not change my default screen capture shortcut keys when I installed Voila. Now every time I launch Voila I have to choose it again.
    I'd like to see a check box added to that "Voila would like to install a system component message to not show it again. Maybe also add that to the prefs. setting as well in case I decide later to install it.
    I had hoped that in this version there would be the ability to layer screenshots on top of one another.
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    Hi ClintonGilbert

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

    Regarding the issue with Voila System component installation prompt, we are working on an alternative to resolve the issue.

    We would be including the option to add multiple images to the workbench in one of the upcoming releases of Voila.

    Voila Admin
  • Thanks for adding Drag and Drop.. hope that copy/paste and resizing will make it in one of the next updates.

    Here a hint for all users having the same resize problem. My workflow for posting an image to Wordpress

    1.) Make screenshot with Voila
    2.) Drag the screenshot to ImageWell (http://www.xtralean.com/IWOverview.html)
    3.) Make the resizing in ImageWell
    4.) Drag the screenshot to MarsEdit (http://www.red-sweater.com/marsedit)
    5.) Post with MarsEdit

    So being able doing that without ImageWell would be very nice of course...

  • Hi Martin

    Eventually, the resizing option would make it into one of the updates in Voila... We are working on it..

    Keep sending your suggestions and feedback to improve Voila.

    Team Voila
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    Hi there,

    Nice programma.
    Is it possible to include the name of the menu when I do a Menu-capture? Now I can't see which menu I actually chose. For example: the Modify-menu, or the Window-menu. The icon in the toolbar of Voila does show the little blue bar from the menu....
    And is it possible to rename captured shots in Voila? I sometimes forget to change it in the preferences when I jump to another topic ....
    And finally, when I do "Save as..." Voila doesn't remember the folder I save to. Did I do something wrong?

    Thank you very much.
  • Hi robinox

    Thank your for your feedback.

    We are working the feature to capture the menu name along with the menu. We will include this feature in one of the future releases of Voila.

    You can rename the captured images by clicking on the name of the thumbnail. Once you click on the thumbnail name, the name will be highlighted and you can type in a different name. The changes are applied when you select some other thumbnail.

    Yes, right now, the folder defaults to Documents when you select save copy as.. We will change this to remember the previous selected folder.

    Team Voila
  • Another idea for a future release:

    Now one has the option to Show Voila either in "Dock" or "Dock & Menu bar"

    I think it would make a lot of sense to have a "Menu bar only" option as well.. because normally when Voila starts at runtime one does not work with screenshots and (at least me) would prefer not to have it in the "ALT-TAB" list...

  • Hi martinopia

    We had the feature to Show Voila only in the menubar in v1.01. However, in this mode, the menu options like File, Edit, Capture etc would not be displayed. So we decided to display the application in Dock only and Dock and menubar.

    Team Voila
  • Hmm - I see what you mean.. what I had in mind is that the app reappears in the Dock+Menubar, when one works with it (Menubar only > new screenshot > after confirming app appears in Dock+Menubar.. there is a button to send the app back to the menubar... Plus: when (eg when doubleclicking on the Menubar icon the app reappears in dock+menubar). It's more or less the behaviour of windows apps which are in the tray icon which I describe here.. but for this specific screenshot app I think that would make A LOT of sense...

    Furthermore I have another problem which (as far as I remember) is new to v1.1:

    I have an iMac24" with a second 23" montior.. now I can't take screenshots on the second monitor anymore: for example the "camera symbol" to select an object is only displayed on the first monitor..

  • Hi martinopia

    Thank you for the suggestion. We will look into this and see if this can be done in the future releases of Voila.

    Dual screen capture support is currently unavailable in v1.1. However, we would be providing this in the upcoming release of Voila.

    Team Voila
  • Hi Volia Team

    Thanks for the 1.2 upgrade - works like a charm with my second monitor... I know it's already mentioned here but just a small reminder from a daily Voila user..

    Copy/Paste to other apps would be really helpful - espescially when working with Photoshop...

  • Hi martinopia,

    Thank you very much for the feedback. We do have this feature in mind. We would include this in one of the future releases of Voila.

    Dragging and dropping of images into other applications is supported. If you click and drag the thumbnail from the capture tray into another application, the image will be copied there.

    Team Voila
  • I own both this app and LittleSnapper. The biggest things I like about LS is the highlight and blur tool. As an educator and designer, I use your app a lot, but I've got to admit that LS turned my head. I don't care much about organizing since if the snap is important it goes to iPhoto where it is easily used by all good mac apps. Your tools are very fun and whimsical, but I need serious tools too. Highlight and blur are a must.

    I also like their numbered callouts, but that is a more minor issue since you have other goods ways of handling that kind of thing.
  • Hello kcwookie

    Voila has highlight option. You need to select 'Shapes' from the 'Tools', set the properties and then you can highlight the portions of the image as you like. This property would retain its settings till you change the next time. However, we would be working on making this option more user friendly.

    Like you mentioned, Blur option is a must and we wish if we could have added this feature in the previous updates.. :) This feature would make into one of the updates slated down the line.

    We thank you for your feedback and suggestions; we love to see more of them coming our way to improve Voila.

    Team Voila
  • I am a Mac user who lives inside my Gmail and Google App email accounts. Therefore, I use a great program called Mailplane. Mailplane is a desktop mac app which synchs with all of your Google email accounts.

    I'd like to request that Viola offer Mailplane as one of the email options. For more information about Mailplane check-out http://mailplaneapp.com/
  • Hello postzavtra

    Thanks for the link and for the feature suggestion. First we would study this and see how we can extend support to Mailplane.

    Currently we have support for Apple Mail and Microsoft Entourage. We would like to know from other users about the Mailplane usage in their daily activity. Voice your thoughts.

    Team Voila
  • pem
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    I have 3 suggestions to new Voila 2.
    1. Add better control under resizing image (by putting pixels and %)
    2. Add subcategory to the Collection for better organization pics.
    3. Add option "Show Voila in: Menu Bar"

    All the best for all Voila Team!
  • Hi pem,

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

    The suggestions you have provided are very good.

    Please keep posting more feedback on improving Voila.

    Team Voila
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