Adjusting the frame rate of exports in Voila

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I'm using the trail version of Voila to decide if I would like to purchase it. I've done a couple of screen captures and they look nice in Voila. When I try to export them, however, as Pro Res 422LT files, at a frame rate of either 24 or 23.98 fps, and then import them into Final Cut 7, they come in as nice-looking Pro Res 422LT files but at a frame rate of 10 fps, so the motion is no good (not to mention that it won't match my other clips). I've tried adjusting the record settings in Preferences to a frame rate of 25 (it seems there are only limited options here, and 25 was the closest) but the export turned out the same.
What am I doing wrong here??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hi Betsy,

    Regarding your query, the resolution of the screen grabs/recording captured in Voila depends upon the resolution of your system display (You an change the system display in System Preference under Display).
    If you perform a selection capture then the resolution of screen grabs will decrease as you are trying to capture just a portion of screen.
    Resolution are by default and will depend on the page length, it cannot be changed.
  • Thanks for the prompt response! But so you are saying that the resolution affects the frame rate? The resolution is actually fine, it's the frame rate that I can't seem to adjust.
  • Sorry, but if you can't tell me how to adjust the *frame rate* -- not the resolution -- I'm obviously going to have to buy a different program. Please let me know.
  • Hi Betsy,

    Voila can do a screen recording with fps of Low-15, Medium-20 and High-25 (please refer screenshot). Also you can check with the H.264 'Compression type' and see if it helps.
  • Yes, I have already tried these things, it doesn't help. If you read my original post, you'll see that when I set the frame rate for the screen recording to 25 and the export frame rate to 23.98, the exported clips still ended up with a frame rate of 10 fps when imported into Final Cut 7. Have you tried this yourself and had better results?

  • Hi Betsy,

    Regarding your query, in Voila when you capture a recording with certain frame rate provided, the fps retains the same while exporting. As mentioned earlier, it depends upon the resolution of your system display and also the performance of the same. As you mentioned that you are trying to export video using QuickTime; instead could you please drag & drop the video to desktop and check if it helps?
    If you still have any issues, please contact our Support Team for further help.
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