Voila will output but not record anything

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My last mac has developed problems, so instead of using a Time Machine backup, I have set up my new Mac by installing all the software again.

Voila installed & accepted my registration number. It is flawlessly exporting the video which was in the library when my computer problems began.

I have had no difficulty installing Soundflower. Given some people have reported problems with the sound that is now built in, I decided against upgrading to the new version of Voila.

I've noted it can only run on one computer at a time. Does this mean I must pay for it again?

Mac mini 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD, OS 10.8.3 (Mountain Lion)
Voila 3.0.1

Thank you



  • I should have added: I'm trying to capture online video, e.g. instructions in youtube, not DVDs
  • Hi Deb,

    Our Support Team guys will get in touch with you regarding the above query.
  • They did contact me, quite promptly given I posted at the start of the weekend, & my Aussie time zone.

    It turns out there is an upgrade path - go to the Store here on this site. The price is a very reasonable $8 after currency conversions or whatever.

    I've asked Support how to proceed with regard to using the Demo of the new version to make sure the new inbuilt sound works, & possible conflicts with the installed version 3.0.1.
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