I can't rename the captured screens....?

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According to some discussions, it's possible to rename a capture by clicking on its name under the thumbnail.
I'm using French "Voilà" 3,4 on my Mac, but clicking on a capture name is just doing nothing.

Any idea ?
Thank you very much.


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    Hi Renaud,

    Regarding your query, if you are a Mac App Store user, you will not be able to 'select an image and hit enter to rename the file'. This is a limitation in Mac App Store version of Voila.

    You can rename the captured screenshots by following ways:
    1. Click on 'Information' tab or select an image/video and do a 'command I'
    2. Select an image/video in Voila capture tray and hit enter.

    Due to some technical difficulties we were unable to post the screenshot in the forum. We have mailed the screenshot to the email address used to post this query.
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