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I've been capturing images from DVD's played on my computer for the past year with no problem, but can no longer do so. Rather, I get the image of a checkerboard where the image would normally be. Images can still be captured from the rest of the computer screen and I can even capture the checkerboard along with the screen in the background... but no image from the DVD. I'm using version 3.4 of Voila and just recently upgraded to Mountain Lion. Tried everything I could, but I'm a bit retarded with many computer-related operations. Help, please.


  • Hi Photocat,

    Regarding your query, are you playing the movie via Mac default DVD Player?
    Voila can capture screenshots/screen recording of DVD movies if it is not being played in Mac default "DVD Player". Any other external DVD player can be used instead of Mac native DVD player.You can do a screen recording in QuickTime and check for yourself. It works on other OS except Lion and Mountain Lion. We have raised a bug report to Apple about this issue and we hope once they do some changes, Voila can adopt it quickly.
    What you can do is, open DVD with any other application (Ex: VLC) and do a screen recording with Voila and check whether you get same issue.
    Also make sure that you choose the particular application to open DVD (please refer screenshot below). You can also do an "Open with" by doing a right click on the DVD.
    Please refer screenshot below:
  • I greatly appreciate your help which may be a start in the right direction. As I mentioned, I'm slow with many computer issues and wasn't even familiar with VLC until reading the information you provided. I since downloaded VLC successfully (I think) and set the DVD to open with it rather than the Mac default DVD player, but I'm stuck there. DVD's won't play, but it gives me a drop-down screen where it asks me to "Drop Media Here." Don't know how I can do that with a DVD I've inserted into my Mac.

    If there is no fix using my existing version of Voila, and if Apple doesn't come up with a way to make Mountain Lion compatible with DVD's played on the Mac's default player, would the newest version of Voila solve the problem? I'd be willing to buy that if it works. The version I have worked perfectly until installing Mountain Lion.

    Thank you again.
  • Oh wow... just figured out how to drag the DVD to the "Drop Media Here" area (duhhh) and now everything is working fine. Thanks soooo much for the help.
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