Organising captures

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I am gathering a large number of Web Snaps.

1. I'd like them to go directly to the current selected Collection or Smart Collection

2. Retain/pick up the tag from the previous capture

3. Be able export them all in one hit, not individually which will take me forever

Is this possible? I can't see anything covering this in the manual.

btw Is the web capture at the actual resolution and file type of the web image?


  • Hi PeterB,

    1. Web captures do get collected in the Smart Collections folder "Web Snaps", also you can create a collection or smart collection by clicking on "+" in the left bottom corner of the page.

    2. The capture will retain the tags from the current web page.

    3. You can select all the capture and do a drag & drop altogether to finder or you can do a "Send To" by right clicking on the image.

    The resolution depends on the each individual webpage.


    Here are some links which might come in handy:

    You can refer our blog:

    You can refer the video:

    Voila user manual:
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