Voila Screen Record Advanced Edits?

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I want to edit my screen capture recording to blur passwords, annotate, etc. Are those functions only available for images? Can this be done with video? If so, it is unavailable when I try to click on these options.

Please advise.
Thank you.


  • Hi Patty,

    Regarding your query, Voila is limited to image editing only.
    If video capture is selected, then the features like tools, text cannot be activated.
    While creating Voila, our main aim was to make it the best "screen capture" tool with the entire editing feature.
    As a request we included the video recording feature. We cannot promise you anything but we will try to make video capturing features still better.
    Captured video cannot be edited. Captured video can only be trimmed with the help of QuickTime.
  • I have this same question, and it looks like it's been almost 3 years since this question/answer was posted. Has this ability been added or is it still not available? I'm looking for the ability to record my screen and edit things on the fly while recording (blur passwords, add callout graphics about what I'm looking at, etc). If needed, I can re-post this question, but I'd imagine keeping this topic under one question (the above) would be best.
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