Quicktime Export - Poor Quality Resolution

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Voila 3.4 on a Mac OSX 10.8.3.
I recorded an hour long screen + audio web capture that looks and sounds great in Voila.
When I export the video to Quicktime, I get audio but resulting Quicktime movie is very low rez. Much lower than what I'm viewing in Voila.
What is the procedure for getting highest resolution from Voila? Why is the mp4 export much lower in quality than Voila's?

Please help!


  • Still no comment?? I really need help with this!
  • Hi Davebrad,

    Regarding your query, are you trying to record a HD video? The frame rate in HD video is 30fps. Hence video capture might be slow.
    The resolution of the screen grabs/recording captured in Voila depends upon the resolution of the system display (you an change the system display in System Preference under Display).
    If you do a selection capture then the resolution of screen grabs will decrease as you are trying to capture just a portion of screen.
    Resolution are by default and will depend on the page length, it cannot be changed.

    Voila can do a screen recording with fps of Low-15, Medium-20 and High-25 (please refer screenshot)
    Also you can check with the H.264 'Compression type' and see if it helps.
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