Wrong image size on secondary display - Retina MacBook Pro

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I have a Retina MacBook Pro and a standard Dell screen connected to it. When I make screenshots on stuff on the Dell monitor I get image files that are double the size of what they should be. I can scale them down but that takes a lot of time and work.

How do I get screenshots with the right size on the secondary screen (that is not a high resolution display)?


  • Hi Smaul,

    Regarding your query, could you please let us know which version of Voila are you using?
    As you mentioned that the image files are double the size of what they should be. Does the file size appear double in Voila window or while exporting the file? Could you please provide us few screenshots as example. Please do send it across to our Support Team.
  • I have version 3.4 of Voila.

    What I do, step by step:
    1. On the Dell-monitor (connected to a 15 " Retina MacBook Pro), I take a screen dump 800 x 400 pixels (see image 01)
    2. I view the screen dump in Voila and it says the dimensions are 2272 x 1560 px (see image 02)
    3. I either export or paste the image in a image editor and it is obvious that the picture has been enlarged (see image 03)
  • Hi Smaul,

    Thank you for providing us with the screenshots.
    This seems to be a bug in Voila. Thanks for reporting the issue. We will look into this.
  • Thank you!

    I used Voila all day, every day so it is very cumbersome right now (I have faster new computer, but have to work with multiple tools to replace what Voila does on its own...).
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