voila takes over camtasia

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How do I stop Voila from taking over as default program to view video form camtasia?


  • Hi Jliberti,

    Regarding your query, to change Voila from default program for viewing videos and to select other program, please drag and drop a video to the desktop and select the video and do a "command + i", following window will appear. Do as directed in the screen shot. Also make sure that you choose the option "Change All" in order to use the selected application to open all documents like the same.
  • Why is Voila even making itself the default app for some video formats? It shouldn't.
  • There is absolutely no reason why Voila should be changing the file associations for video formats that are not Voila-specific. I've just purchased Voila and I am really unhappy with this default action. At the very least, the user should be prompted as to whether they wish to have video files open with Voila.

    Frankly, this is a really poor design decision. As a purchaser of both Boom and Voila, I'm really, really disappointed by this.

    The user should never be required to undo actions that your app took unilaterally during the installation process without their input or approval.

    Unfortunately, I purchased this app directly from Global Delight, so I can't warn potential purchasers of this in the App Store. I would if I could.

    Please remove this "feature" in the next release. It is presumptuous and disrespectful to your users.

  • Hi Andrew,

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused.
    We have noticed the issue and our developers will be notified about the same.
  • I actually love your software but COMPLETELY agree with this user and share their frustration. Frankly, it is stupid because (a) Voila is not intended for general video playback, (b) when I double click on a move file, I want to watch it not have it duplicated as it is imported into voila and (c) because it isn't intended for general video playback, the UI sucks for that activity.

    I actually gave you a five-star rating in the app store but note this seriously irritating issue about your software. Please change this behavior.
  • Hi Ossiemoore,

    We understand your frustration and we are working on the issue. Kindly co-operate.
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