Voila's Update Not Finishing

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Hi. I'm trying to update Voila to version 3.1. It's not the app store version.

So, I chose Check for Updates and let Voila download the latest update.

However, the program never finishes. The progress bar seems to be at the end, but Voila never tells me to install and relaunch. I've attached a screenshot.

So, I quit Voila and restarted it, hoping the update had been successful. But it wasn't. It again told me I could update to version 3.1.

I've been patient, waiting as long as ten minutes, but the update still has not been successful. I'd love some assistance.

Also, I would have preferred to send this message to tech support, but I was totally confused on how to do it.



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    I had the same issue. There might be a bug in the update.
    To resolve:
    Quit Voila
    Download the 15-day trial version of 3.1 (assuming you're on Lion)
    Install this 3.1 version of Voila, replacing the existing version in Applications
    Open Voila again and you should now have a registered copy of 3.1 (it uses your existing registration automatically)
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