I purchased the Text add on for the Game Your Video App and it won't activate the feature.

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That's it, I paid for it but it won't let me use it. I tried restoring/updating the App twice and it the Text feature still won't work, is this some kind of scam? Has anyone else had this problem?


  • Hey Jesse,

    Thanks for writing to us.

    Can you please confirm whether you are selecting Camera Roll videos to add text? If yes, check whether the video is portrait or landscape orientation?

    Game Your Video app allows you to add "Text" to landscape videos only.

    Game Your Video is a complete landscape iPhone video app.
    Although all other app features can be used for editing portrait videos too, but Text feature is an exception.

    We had observed certain technical limitations due to which text could not be supported for portrait videos. Hence, Text icon does not appear when portrait videos are selected for editing.

    Hope it helps. Awaiting your response.
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